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24-Hour Express Critiques










This option is for writers who want quick feedback on a short piece of writing. You might need advice on your query letter or simply a boost of confidence before you show your opening pages to an editor. The only limit here is that submissions must be 500 words or less (approximately 2-3 double-spaced pages.)

Submissions could be:

  • your query letter

  • Your opening pages

  • Your synopsis

  • an initial write-up of your story idea with snags you've run into

  • a list of several story ideas that you're considering pursuing

  • Or any combination of these as long as it fits within 500 words!

Please include your name, project title, email address, and any clarifying comments such as particular areas you'd like me to focus on at the top of the submission (this data does not count toward the word limit.) 

I'll read your submission and email you a one-page evaluation form with an analysis of the submission's strengths, weaknesses, and suggested next steps within 24 hours. This evaluation form is based on professional critique forms used by the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators as well as state and national writing networks. The Express Critique does not include further email or phone follow-up, though if you'd like to schedule a follow-up call, that can be arranged at a rate of $75/hour.


Email with the subject "Express Critique" and paste your submission in the body of the email.




Full and Partial Manuscript Critiques

Rates vary by project scope

Depending on my availability, I am usually open to taking on 1-2 full manuscripts a month for more in-depth evaluation. I base my rates on the scope of work, factoring in page count, writing density, degree of polish, and level of desired editing. Rates are in line with the Editorial Freelancers Association guidelines on hourly pay. I specialize in middle grade and young adult manuscripts.


  • A developmental edit of a 40,000 word middle grade novel where the writer is looking for general, over-arching feedback on what's working and what's not, which doesn't include line edits, plus a 1 hour phone call, might cost around $500

  • A developmental edit of a 30-page partial manuscript with feedback on overarching plot and character development, with minimal line edits, might cost around $200.

  • An intense content edit of a 80,000 word young adult novel that is fairly well polished but needs detailed line edits on each page, plus a 1 hour phone call, would take about 75 hours of editing work and cost around $3500



Email for inquiries about longer manuscript critiques. I'm happy to discuss your project and potential costs and timeframes with you free of charge.

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